Since it’s beginnnings in 2001, KSHFH along with Kansas hunters and donors have provided over 100,000 meals annually to our fellow Kansans across the state.

KSHFH pays local butchers to process the meat for local food banks and charities.
Join us in feeding Kansas’ hungry.


With the grace of God, Mother Nature and many volunteers, KSHFH will, with great effort, continue to make great strides in helping feed the hungry to provide them the nourishment needed to stay strong and continue in good health. As KSHFH grows daily, we will continue in it’s efforts to becomebetter and help meet the needs of those who need it.

Hunters from the state of Kansas and around the country help in harvesting and donating several hundred deer and other game to provide for thosein need. The success and continued benefits have and will continue to come from those who want to help make a daily difference.

With other successful programs and participants in surrounding states, KSHFH strives to become the one of the same. As we grow, more help and needs will continue to be made. We look forward to your help, and welcome you to grow with us in this great endeavor.
With the number of deer and other big game growing in America, crop and property damages also are growing. In efforts to combat this with apositive result, state hunting permits are being issued to farmers, airports, military installations, agricultural facilities and other property owners. Additionally to that, more liberal bag limits, extended seasons and hunting units are putting hunters and property owners in the position of being ableto harvest more deer and other big game than they can personally consume thus benefiting the KSHFH at the same time.sion to describe.