Hunt. Donate. Feed.

KSHFH invites you to donate any legally harvested deer or elk to our participating meat processors. There is no cost to donate your deer or elk as long as the KSHFH organization has sufficient funding to cover the processing expense. Donated game must be field dressed and legally tagged. If you would like, you may also donate a portion of the meat you are having processed for yourself to a participating processor also.
Just ONE deer can feed nearly 200 hungry people in the state of Kansas. Since 2001, over 12,000 deer donated, feeding nearly 3 MILLION meals to hungry Kansans.
Contributions from hunters, businesses, churches, sportsmen’s clubs, organizations and other foundations help to fund the KSHFH. The primary expense for this organization is being able to pay the participating butchers to process, package and freeze the donated venison for distribution by local food pantries. Volunteers help to organize and coordinate the efforts of KSHFH in communities across the state by helping with fundraising, promotional gatherings, meat donation, meat distribution and much more.